Signage has become paramount at retail stores throughout the contry.

Brick and mortar purchases take place every day in every part of the US. Although online purchases have certainty increased, there remains a solid following of consumers who travel to retail stores and outlets on a consistent basis. SMI products can help retail stores by offering products that direct people to function in an orderly and calm capacity.


  • SMI Provides retail stores an opportunity to both meet the needs of consumer safety when customers enter the store, while also engaging these customers with aesthetically pleasing, welcoming, and instructive signage.
  • We offer signage that provides a simple solution to showing 6+ feet away from the next customer in line. Separate signs offer solid and clear lines about the appropriate direction for all consumers to follow for each aisle and segmented departments.
  • Retail site maps have proven to be incredibly helpful. Operators have a unique opportunity to ensure their customers have as pleasurable an experience as possible.
  • Often retail workers are stretched thin and using maps to give the consumer the ability to navigate the store on their own in a clear way can reap many benefits.